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Become A Waldorf Teacher

Make a Difference. Waldorf teachers lead young minds out into the wider world of knowledge, but that’s only part of the journey. We believe that true learning engages the heart and hands as well as the mind. As a certified Waldorf teacher you’ll learn how handwork channels a child’s creativity even as it improves focus. You’ll explore fine arts, classical thought, world religions, and the history of science, providing your students with moral exemplars and a firm grounding in humanist thought. You’ll discover that each child is unique, that his or her cognitive development is an emotional and physiological process as well as an intellectual one. What’s more, you’ll learn that Waldorf teaching is more than just a job, or even a career. It’s a journey of self-exploration and spiritual development. Learn more about becoming a Waldorf teacher.

Build on Your Professional Experience

Professional Growth. Are you already an educator? You’ve learned a lot in your years as a teacher, but now you’re looking for a way to take your pedagogical skills in a new, more creative direction. Is your passion early education? Language and literature? Science and mathematics? Perhaps you’ve been a professional painter or musician, and are now ready to share your gifts with a new generation of artists. Whatever your calling, you want to spend your time teaching, not training students to take standardized tests. You’re interested in questions, not just rote answers. You want to provide your students with tools for life, not just scores for transcripts. If this sounds like you, you have the makings of a true Waldorf teacher! Learn more about our programs for professional educators.