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Steiner at 150: Rediscovering a Genius

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was born in Austria. He found his life’s work in the realms of consciousness and cognition. His techniques for the development of clear critical thinking, the cultivation of daily meditation and concentration practices and awareness of nature’s cycles, can lead individuals to reach spiritual levels of consciousness safely. He believed working along with the spiritual worlds enriches the life of the individual and the world.

Author of almost thirty books, Steiner also gave approximately 6,000 lectures on a wide range of subjects. He initiated Waldorf education, biodynamic farming and gardening, an approach to the care and education of people with disabilities, anthroposophical medical work, and an art of movement called eurythmy.

For a detailed biography visit www.goetheanum.org. You can also learn more about Rudolf Steiner’s work by visiting www.rsarchive.org

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