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1923 Geddes Road, Ann Arbor, MI

WISM Faculty & Staff


Margot Amrine, Director
David Owen-Cruise, Business Manager
Siân Owen-CruiseRegional Coordinator, Leading with Spirit work, Mentoring Conferences, and WISM Faculty Circle
Katherine Feldhouse, Outreach Coordinator


Wendy Abate: Early Childhood Arts 
Margot Amrine: Curriculum, Human Development, Philosophy, Arts
Gary Banks: Curriculum
Claudia Browne: Human Development, Curriculum and Philosophy
Susann Eddy: Eurythmy
Elena Efimova: Arts
Mary Emery:
Curriculum and Philosophy
Judith Erb: Philosophy
Angela Gladstone: Early Childhood Arts
Cynthia Harrington: Handwork & Exceptional Child
Siân Owen-Cruise: Curriculum and Philosophy
Anna Rainville: Early Childhood Curriculum
Caitlin Shaughnessy-Parrish: Early Childhood Arts
Sudee Taormina: Arts
Katherine Thivierge: Creative Speech
Linda Williams: Curriculum
Regular Guest Instructors: Nancy Mellon and Suzanne Downs