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Foundation Studies

The Foundation Studies program includes intensive work in the visual, speech, vocal, sculptural and social arts, as well as a thorough introduction to Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner. The nature of the human being is studied through courses in child and adult development as well as cultural history. Concurrent completion of all of the foundation studies classes is a requirement of the Waldorf Teacher, Early Childhood and Elementary Education certification programs. Classes are also open to those interested in personal or professional enrichment.

Requirements for Certificate in Foundation Studies
Course No.   Course Title
WISM 102      Human Development: The Individual Path
WISM 103      Cultural History
WISM 117      Chorus
WISM 118      Clay Modeling
WISM 119      Painting
WISM 120      Work, Life and Times of Rudolf Steiner
WISM 121      Basic Books of Rudolf Steiner
WISM 122      Foundations of Anthroposophy
WISM 124      Festivals
WISM 130      Eurythmy I and II
WISM 135      Child Development: Birth to Seven
WISM 136      Child Development: Seven to Eighteen
WISM 137      Creative Speech
WISM 140      Images in History

Students who take their foundation studies courses part-time over a number of years will find that courses occasionally change as faculty with particular expertise become available.  All students must complete the current requirements in order to graduate.

Students who transfer in to the program, either during foundation studies, or as an elementary education student, will need to provide documentation of courses and activities that are equivalent in order to receive recognition for them from the Waldorf Institute of Southeastern Michigan.