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Elementary Teacher Program

The Elementary Education program is designed to prepare Institute students to become Waldorf  “class teachers”. Because Waldorf class teachers remain with their cohort of children from 1st through 8th grades, the WISM Waldorf Teacher Elementary Education Program prepares prospective class teachers to teach all academic subjects. Courses in Anthroposophy, child development, Waldorf methods and the arts are required.

We offer a year-round format of courses on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Two 5-week terms, one in the Fall and one in the Spring complete the year along with two week-long summer intensives. Courses are offered in Ann Arbor and occasionally in Detroit. The weekend program allows students to work full-time and complete Waldorf  teacher training.

Concurrent completion of the Foundation Studies classes and a successful student teaching practicum are required before graduation from the Waldorf Teacher Elementary Education program. The entire program is offered in a two year completion plan —enabling completion of the foundation  studies preparation, teacher preparation courses, and practicum within two calendar years. There is also the flexibility to extend the completion of the program over a longer period of time. Enrollment is on a rolling basis so you may apply to begin at the start of any term. We welcome your questions, contact us to learn more about becoming a Waldorf teacher.

Requirements for Waldorf Teacher Elementary Education Certificate

Foundation Studies Classes

Course No.   Course Title
WISM 102      Human Development: The Individual Path
WISM 103      Cultural History
WISM 117      Chorus
WISM 118      Clay Modeling
WISM 119      Painting
WISM 120      Work, Life and Times of Rudolf Steiner
WISM 121      Basic Books of Rudolf Steiner
WISM 122      Foundations of Anthroposophy
WISM 124      Festivals
WISM 130      Eurythmy I and II
WISM 135      Child Development: Birth to Seven
WISM 136      Child Development: Seven to Eighteen
WISM 137      Creative Speech
WISM 140      Images in History

Elementary Education Classes

Course No.   Course Title
WISM 225      Administration in Waldorf Schools
WISM 226      The Inner Life of the Teacher
WISM 227      Exceptional Child
WISM 235      Music for Teachers
WISM 236      Movement for Teachers
WISM 237      Speech and Drama in the Classroom
WISM 238      Handwork
WISM 242      Drawing and Modeling
WISM 245      Storytelling
WISM 301      Humanity and Nature (Study of Man)
WISM 320      Curriculum Development
WISM 322      Waldorf Methods for Teaching Math
WISM 325      Waldorf Methods for Teaching Science
WISM 326      Waldorf Methods for Teaching Social Studies
WISM 329      Waldorf Methods for Teaching Language Arts Grades 1-4
WISM 330      Waldorf Methods for Teaching Language Arts Grades 5-8
WISM 401      Intuitive Thinking
WISM 450      Individual Project
WISM 455      Student Teaching Seminar
WISM 458      Student Teaching/Practicum In a Waldorf School

Checklist for Elementary Education Program

Are you interested in becoming a Waldorf teacher or taking a class for professional or personal development and wondering how to proceed? Apply online for the certification program to become a teacher, or request a class registration form to take a class. Enrollment is on a rolling basis and you may apply to begin at the start of each term.

Why Waldorf teaching? In Waldorf schools, the human voice and human speech are cultivated through recitation and storytelling; imaginative play is a pillar of the work at school from early childhood on up to the transformation into drama through twelfth grade; and current brain research indicates that the curriculum in a Waldorf school supports development of the whole mind through play, the arts, and rigorous academics. Does this sound interesting to you? Join us to learn more about this joyful method and one of the fastest growing independent education movement in the world!