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Tuition and Tuition Assistance


The application fee is $60. The tuition rate is $275, $450 or $850 per class, depending on hours. Payment in full at the time of registration is strongly preferred; however, a deferred payment plan is available to all students.

Under this plan, 25% of tuition is due and payable prior to the first day of class. Subsequent payments of 25% of tuition plus a $10 payment plan fee are due and payable on the last day of September, October and November (for the Fall term), or February, March, April and May (for the Spring term).  Summer term tuition and fees must be paid in full prior to the start of classes.

Outstanding balances can be paid in full at any time, thereby avoiding subsequent payment plan fees. Any outstanding balance from previous terms must be paid in full prior to registration.

Tuition and fees can be paid by cash or check. Returned checks will be subject to a $25 fee.

We are not able to accept credit card payments for tuition.

Link to WISM Program Catalog which provides details about tuition, program requirements and policies.


Two forms of tuition assistance are available to students enrolled in a teacher certification program, Loan to Grant Program and Matching Grant Program.

Loan to Grant Program

Loan-to-grant program begins as a loan issued by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). Students who successfully complete the Waldorf  Teacher Education Certification Program and begin (or return to) teaching in a Waldorf school will have one-third of this loan converted to grant after each of three years of their employment at an AWSNA member school. Students are eligible for this program after completing at least 7 classes.

Matching Grant Program

Matching grant program for Waldorf teachers requires the financial participation of the AWSNA-affiliated school where the applicant is currently teaching. The school decides on the amount it wishes to contribute to supporting a teacher’s training and AWSNA matches that amount up to $3,000. Applicants need to attach to their application a “Letter of Commitment” from their school, listing the exact amount their school has committed to giving. The number of awards each year is limited by the amount of money AWSNA has available for matching.

More Information from AWSNA