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Books of Interest

The following titles are available from:

Anthroposophic Press
Hudson NY
(tel) 800-856-8664 (fax) 703-661-1501

Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore
Fair Oaks, CA
(tel) 916-961-8729 (fax) 916-961-3032

Northstar Shop at the Detroit Waldorf School
(call first for hours: 313 822-0300)

Many are also available through Amazon and other on-line book stores.

Waldorf Education
School as a Journey by Torin Finser (elementary grades)
Rhythms of Learning by Roberto Trostli (overview of Waldorf education)
You are Your Child’s First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin Dancy (early childhood)
Between Form and Freedom by Betty Staley (adolescence)

Other titles:
The Recovery of Man in Childhood by A.C. Harwood
Teaching as a Lively Art by Marjorie Spock
Steiner Education in Theory and Practice by Gilbert Childs
Educating through Art by Anges Nobel
The Kingdom of Childhood by Rudolf Steiner
Education in Search of the Spirit by John Fentress Gardner
Towards Wholeness: Rudolf Steiner Education in America by M.C. Richards

Background Philosophy
Theosophy by Rudolf Steiner
How to Know Higher Worlds by Rudolf Steiner
The Essential Steiner by Robert McDermott
Man and World in the Light of Anthroposophy by Stewart Easton

Parenting and Family Life
Waldorf Education: A Family Guide by Pamela Fenner and Karen Rivers
Natural Childhood by John Thomson
The Waldorf Parenting Handbook by Lois Cusick
Lifeways: Working with Family Questions by Gudrun Davy and Bons Voors, Ed.
More Lifeways by Patti Smith and Signe Eklund Schaefer, Eds.
Seven Times the Sun: Guiding Your Child through the Rhythms of the Day by Shea Darian
Raising a Son by Don and Jeannie Elium
Raising a Daughter by Don and Jeannie Elium
Raising a Family by Don and Jeannie Elium